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A panel of Nobel Systems executive explores specific lessons learned in areas such as global marketing, cross-cultural communication, currency management and more. More details . Peer produced. 63 minutes
Society Chair Senour Reed of Jabian Consulting introduces the meeting , sponsors and Moderator Mark Pierson who introduces guests and the panel . 15 minutes
Panelist Annabelle Malins, Consul-General, United Kingdom, discusses the consulate in Atlanta and why companies will be interested in UK opportunities. 12 minutes
Duncan Cole, Consul-General & Trade Commissioner, Australia, discusses activities and industry sectors of interest in the south, plus Australian technologies. 12 minutes
Ray Donato, Honorary Consul General, Philippines, shares his extensive international business background and his work as honorary consul general. 15 minutes
Alberto Valenzuela, President, Chilean American Chamber of Commerce of the South describes the solid business and investment environment of Chile. 10 minutes
Kathe Falls, Director, International Trade, Georgia Department of Economic Development, discusses how the department helps companies go global. 14 minutes
A Q&A looks at specific industries and opportunities for each member of the presenting International Community Leadership Panel. 8 minutes
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