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Part 9: How Will the Stimulus Money Flow, and How Can you Prepare?
Panel 2 continues with moderator, Jim Morrow, MD., Medical Director, Allscripts, Professional Solutions. 20 minutes

Date :01 June 2009
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The Georgia Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Leadership Summit 2010 day long event at the Fox addresses further advancement of Georgia as the national leader in HIT! More info . 9 minutes
“What Will It Take for Georgia to be a Global Leader in HIT?” was delivered by Bob Bozeman, General Partner, Eastlake Ventures LLC., Angel Investors, L.P. 35 minutes
“Building a Pipeline of Innovation and Health IT Employment Opportunities:” addressed how Atlanta’s current and new assets can enhance growth to further increase revenues and jobs for GA.
Panel .  63 minutes
“Leveraging Georgia’s Unique Assets and Environment to Grow HIT Revenues and Jobs:” Additional healthcare and HIT industry execs discuss 1-5 year considerations and challenges. Panel . 57 minutes
Tino Mantella, President, Technology Association of Georgia, discusses The Metro Atlanta Chamber, TAG Health and the GA Dept of Economic Development partnership behind the summit. 8 minutes
Corporations Panel: leading healthcare and HIT employer panelists talk about their organization’s plans for the future and their workforce needs. Panel . 52 minutes
Transition Panel: panelists explain how to identify and market transferable skills, demonstrating tangible results in resumes, networking scenarios and the interview in making a career change into HIT. Panel . 60 minutes
Professional Panel: panelists identify and discuss the Georgia workforce needs from the viewpoint of the industry associations. Panel .  57 minutes
Recruiting Panel: panelists inform the audience from an internal (HR & reporting manager) and third-party perspective on what recruiters are looking for when they acquire HIT talent. Panel .  62 minutes
Education Panel: panelists provide an overview of what healthcare education colleges offer as well as what resources are available to healthcare companies that want to expand and/or relocate to Georgia. Panel . 54 minutes
Entrepreneurial Panel: panelists discuss how healthcare reform and an aging population will create new HIT opportunities for existing and startups, covering access to capital, incentives and more. Panel . 61 minutes
Event presentation: How Can Building Georgia's Health IT Community Enhance Revenue, Productivity and Innovation? Explore the benefits of positioning as an "economic cluster." Overview. 19 minutes
Continue exploring the cluster model for Georgia's private business sector as well as the social and community benefits that ultimately make clusters so valuable to a region's economic infrastructure. 16 minutes
Welcome: Georgia’s Health IT Strategy: Priorities of the Dept of Community Health and the Morehouse Regional Extension Center for Use of a Combined $32 Million in Funding from ONC. 1 minute. Overview .
Archie Banks, OHITT Interim Director, Chief Information Officer, Public Health, GA DCH, Office of Health Information Technology & Transparency (HITT) on HITT’s short- and long-term strategic plan.8  minutes
Deidra Dorsey, Project Director, Medicaid Incentive Program, GA DCH, Office of HITT discusses strategic initiatives for the Medicaid Incentive Program and State Health Information Exchange Program. 11 minutes
Montra May, Project Director, State Health Information Exchange Program, GA DCH, Office of HITT discusses the Medicaid Incentive Program and State Health Information Exchange Program. 12 minutes
Dominic Mack MD, MBA, Deputy Dir., Nat’l Center for Primary Care, Morehouse School of Medicine, Dir., Georgia Health IT Extension Center discusses the Center's outreach and education. 34 minutes
A closing Question & Answer session includes information about the procurement process and more. 6 minutes
A discussion on economic development and health care technology also explores consumer driven health care. 25 minutes.  Overview Panelists
Discussion continues with, given the health care transformation, what benefits does Georgia offer? 35 minutes
A second panel explores specifically, how does Georgia move from 2010 to 2020 and economic growth through innovation in health technology? 38 minutes See Panelists
Continuing the Economic Stimulus Package series, opening remarks are delivered by Dr. David Satcher, Director, The Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Center of Excellence on Health Disparities. 17 minutes Event Overview
Complete overview of what and how, Dr. Rhonda Medows, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Health. 13 minutes
Continuation of the complete overview of what and how, Dr. Rhonda Medows, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Health. 15 minutes
About CareEntrust and health information exchange, Bob Robke, VP, Cerner Healthe. 16 minutes
Health services driven by "the right thing to do" and technologies, Tom Roberts, Health and Wellness Manager, Wal-Mart. 11 minutes
Panel 1 Q&A: Renea Steele, Director of the Office of Health Care Information and Transparency, GA Department of Community Health; Janet Marchibroda, Chief Healthcare Officer, IBM; and Bob Robke, VP, Cerner Healthe. 12 minutes
Panel 1 Q&A continues with moderator, Jim Morrow, MD., Medical Director, Allscripts, Professional Solutions. 13 minutes
Panel 2: Tim Bessel, VP Sales, CIGNA Healthcare of GA; Gary Rost, Exec. Dir., Savannah Business Group on Health; Lisa Brown, representing rural community care provider; Mike Huff , President, Saint Joseph's at East GA. 14 minutes
Panel 2 continues with moderator, Jim Morrow, MD., Medical Director, Allscripts, Professional Solutions. 20 minutes
Panel: Sean Hogan (IBM Healthcare Delivery Systems), Wayne Oliver (Center for Health Transformation), Jeffery Daigrepont (The Coker Group), Glenn Pearson (Georgia Hospital Assoc.), Tracey Field (Arnall, Golden, Gregory), Maria Rudolph (e-MDs). 21 minutes
The nationally-known healthcare thought leader panel discusses whether the current crisis and steps represent gloom and doom or a bright shining light. 20 minutes
Healthcare industry experts continue the discussion around saving money, the importance of standards, the role of privacy and more. 13 minutes
Thought provoking audience questions start with a focus on how to lessen provider and physician wastefulness and moves to new job opportunities in the industry and more. 11 minutes
Questions stimulate comments on challenges to re-engineering and progression, with a final overview of the event sponsors and their products or services. 20 minutes
Keynote speech delivered by Kirk Wilson, President & CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital Atlanta at the January 8, 2009, event focused on how an economic downturn will affect market opportunity for technology firms. 19 minutes
Dr. Ed Becker (Emory Rollins School), Reatha Clark (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Dr. William Custer (Georgia State), Allen Moseley (Noro-Moseley Partners), Justin Barnes (Greenway Medical) Hon. Judson Hill (Georgia State Senate). 32 minutes
The event continues to look at economic downturn affects and the impact a recession will have on patients and healthcare providers with a Q&A. 12 minutes
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