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Is there No Such Thing as “Offline?”
From PBS, food for thought: Is reality way ahead of our descriptions in terms of online and offline,  words still used to describe engagement with the Internet. Should reality and the words be re-evaluated? 6 minutes

Date :28 February 2013
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Facebook is changing the design of the News Feed, and the apps for Twitter, Foursquare and Path also get new features.  3 minutes
More product news from the Mobile World Congress, including a MEMS watch that can detect your exercise, a blazing fast LTE phone from China's Huawei and a scratch proof smartphone screen. 7 minutes
The Playstation 4 has been revealed (mostly) and we know some things about it. Do we want one? Are we excited? Do we hate it? The Casual Friday group goes into a few of these questions and more. 20 minutes
Top 5 ways government regulations will dramatically change the way cars operate and what they cost to produce when the Feds require self driving features, “black boxes” and more.  What’s number one? 3  minutes
Samsung announced an Unpack event for March 14 in New York City and pundits are certain the Galaxy S IV will be announced. Rumors are: killer display, wireless charging & and much more.  7 minutes
Get the lowdown on the CAS, the new Copyright Alert System being implemented by ISPs for illegally downloaded movies, audio and such. What’s “six strikes?”  Will you lose your Internet connection? 6 minutes
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, new and future mobile devices were shown: the new Firefox OS, a new Nokia product, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, an NEC fold out screen & more. 7 minutes
From PBS, food for thought: Is reality way ahead of our descriptions in terms of online and offline,  words still used to describe engagement with the Internet. Should reality and the words be re-evaluated? 6 minutes
USA Today's Jefferson Graham previews his upcoming piece on Atlanta’s Tech Village and the start-up scene on Atlanta's 11 Alive, chatting it up with anchor Brenda Wood. 2 minutes{mospagebreak}
Rumor Roundup: is Motorola partnering with Google to produce a super phone called X, is Apple buying a TV maker from Germany, will Samsung's S Pen be included with the Galaxy S IV and more.  5 minutes
Nick Barber talks with IDC's mobile phone research manager Ramon Llamas about hardware and software trends to be seen at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. What’s in your future? 8 minutes
CNET TV breaks down the reveals at Sony's PlayStation 4 event including the new games, blue tooth equipped controller and more, plus Google releases the Chromebook Pixel at a precarious price.  3 minutes
On Rettinger’s Rants, Jon rants about how unexciting smart watches have become. As the world drools over the Pebble smart watch, he looks onward to the future where a smart watch might do more. 3 minutes
CNET’s head technology editor cracks open the LG-built, Google Nexus 4 and uncovers a hardware surprise inside.  What’s the latest tech and how does your Smartphone stack up? 4 minutes
Cellular devices: it's a GPS, a camera, a game console, a social media portal.  Is the mobile phone a tool or a filter through which we experience a new reality?  What does it mean for business? 7 minutes
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt explains why 3D printing is an innovation with real market potential and not a "cartoon" distraction. What do you think? 3 minutes
Is a cheaper Apple iPhone on the way, President Obama signs cyber threat executive order, BlackBerry's special edition Z10, a Fujitsu project serves smartphone ads from TV commercials and more. 6 minutes
Food for thought: what's to come in IT as the Baby Boomer generation retires?  How will it impact on sales and finance departments overall?  Beyond that, how will the younger generation impact the future of IT?  3 minutes
Decked out with optional keyboard covers and full Windows 8, Surface Pro is as powerful as a Windows ultrabook and just as expensive. Learn more about the features and benefits. 4 minutes
Chemist Lee Cronin is working on a 3D printer that, instead of objects, is able to print molecules. An exciting potential long-term application: printing your own medicine using chemical inks. 3 minutes
With more vicious and consistent cyber attacks now, a CBS News senior national security analyst discusses the oft-downplayed threat of cyberterrorism for U.S. systems spanning from electrical grids to banks. 5 minutes
Dell goes private, the EU considers new cyber security rules, the BlackBerry's Q10 potential delay until June, an eye tracking interface to control your computer, other new gadgets and more. 7 minutes
Wired’s GameLife show presents some new titles; a gorgeous Japanese RPG, a new adventure game from the creator of Monkey Island and a repack of the fan-favorites Bioshock (1 & 2). 3 minutes
Microsoft's new Office 365 Home Premium was released last week with a redesigned interface, upgrades to all the core apps and with excellent cloud connectivity, you can work from anywhere. 4 minutes
Expert panelists from Microsoft, Facebook, and more examine the latest trends in online privacy practices including the world of apps, privacy protections vs stifling innovation and more. 93 minutes
TechnoBuffalo unboxes the new BlackBerry Z10 and reveals the quick user interface, noting that the phone feels pretty solid but doesn't have the incredible industrial feeling that the iPhone 5 offers & more. 11 minutes{mospagebreak}
BlackBerry launches its new OS and two new handsets, Nintendo won't cut Wii U prices, Google adds new locations to is mapping application and more. 5 minutes
Whether on the move around town, the U.S. or internationally, what are the cool tech essentials and convenient gadgets to cover every, away from the home or office, need? 8 minutes
A leading American surgeon describes how a new technology, which combines video conferencing and a real-time universal translator, could help overcome barriers to world-wide med learning. 12 minutes
CNET Senior Editor Don Bell predicts that In spite of a relatively disappointing CES, 2013 is expected to hold some hot tech announcements.  Hmm.  Agree with the XBox statement? 3 minutes
Explore a Revision3 show on what exactly it is about video game violence that attracts people and how those unfamiliar with new media have a tendency to interpret it. Agree? Disagree? 7 minutes
Apple reports flat profits, the UK fines Sony for the PlayStation hack, a preview of the BlackBerry 10 OS, Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet availability and specs and more. 6 minutes
A couple of companies have tried to work on glasses free solutions, but Dolby may have hit on the true winning combination with its new entry in the market. See the CES 2013 reveal.  3 minutes
Three media experts on congressional and court initiatives discuss the major technology and telecommunications issues of 2013, including cybersecurity, net neutrality, regulating the Internet and more.  28 minutes
AppleByte reveals the best Apple gear at CES 2013 that is available now or in the future including the smartest Smart case cover, cool bases, do it yourself glitter cases, portable charges and more. 4 minutes
Rettinger’s Rants is all about tech trade shows. Jon wonders if more companies save big product announcements for private events and will CES, E3, and similar trade shows continue to shrink?  Why or why not? 5 minutes
Facebook unviels Graph Search, the FAA grounds 787 Dreamliners, Cadillac debuts a high-end hybrid electric car, a Blackberry 10 apps update, last week’s Detroit auto show news and more. 7 minutes
CNET's Brian Tong interviews LL Cool J on his new Liquid MyConnect Studio App, the world's first-ever real-time music collaboration tool for a mobile devices. 18 minutes
Revision3 is on the CES floor exploring Intel’s Perceptual Computing technology, hopefully to debut later this year, that will provide a step up from Kinect by tracking your fingers for gaming and more.  3 minutes
What cool tech stood out for Tekzilla’s team?  Perhaps a giant robot spider, touch table, solar powered generator for laptops, cell phones and other electronics?  Find out. 6 minutes
Donald Bell and Bridget Carey sit with three of the CNET Best of CES winners to take a closer look at their products: 3D Systems; the best smartphone – Yota; and best of show: Razer. Learn more. 13 minutes
New from the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas includes the new 4K TVs from Sony, an Intel Atom chip for low cost smartphones, autonomous car technology and much more! 8 minutes
On TWIT’s Social Hour, Amber & Sarah tackle the mess that was Instagram-Gate, discuss how Nielsen and Twitter team up on ratings, Facebook, kitchen.ly, rbutr, and more!  59 minutes
CSPAN Communicators explore the future of television as a technology with Michael Powell, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, President & CEO.  It’s all in the software.  28 minutes
Network World's Keith Shaw talks with Derek Manky from Fortinet about his six predictions in the world of security threats for 2013 mobile threats, cracking passwords, how to prevent threats and more.  22 minutes
What are favorite or challenging technologies for 12 celebrities on the Tech Talk show in 2012, including Arsenio Hall, Judge Judy, Tyra Banks, Carson Daily, Larry King. Kermit the Frog and more? 4 minutes
CNET's Bridget Carey talks to Roger Cheng at the end of 2012 about what smartphones could look like in 2013. Will Microsoft or RIM make an impact?  Layaway monthly installments?  Mobil payments?  3 minutes
Professor of Art, Design, and Media at the Nanyang Technological University Michael Walsh describes efforts to use 3D modeling technology to create a virtual museum of a famous ancient cathedral. 4 minutes
Jon R is back to tackle more questions from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! In this episode, he picks his favorites phones of 2012 and explains what it means to root a phone.  6 minutes
Waiting for that Apple television or the iPhone 5S? Want to know when the next Xbox and PlayStation will be announced? CNET TV makes a stab at best guesses. 5 minutes
Take a look at the futuristic high tech product developments of 2012, including touch screens, driverless computer-controlled cars, robots and more.  What’s in your future? 4 minutes
Smartphones, tablets, hirings and firings were all part of the tech landscape in 2012. Take a look at some of the biggest stories of the year. 7 minutes
Smartphones dominated the cell market in 2012, the growing trend in the importance of operating system and more has kept things interesting. Is Samsung or Apple the market leader?  You may be surprised. 4 minutes
America's Digital Goddess shares the top tech holiday gifts for last minute shoppers.  What's a sure winner?  4 minutes
It's a CNET TV throwdown showdown between two of the heaviest-hitting full-size tablets. Can Apple's iPad 4 keep its spot as the Prizefight champion, or will Google's Nexus 10 finally take it down? 7 minutes
At TEDSalon in London, the investigative techniques of an expert is shared that verifies information to know if a Statue of Liberty image has been doctored or a video leaked from Syria is legitimate. 13 minutes
Microsoft updates Windows Phone 8, e-readers' future in question, Apple's iPhone 5 goes on sale in China, driving dogs and more. 6 minutes
Think your broken iPhone is useless? CNET shows how to make money off your old electronics -- as well as the best ways to dispose of them when necessary. 8 minutes
CSPAN explores the recent change to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that requires law enforcement and other government agencies to obtain a warrant to read through e-mail and more. 28 minutes
A TechnoBuffalo show briefly compares Microsoft's Windows Phone OS against the two reigning mobile OS giants - iOS and Android, talks about the recently released Verizon Droid DNA phone and more. 6 minutes
How will a new sort of manufacturing entrepreneurship and digital industrial revolution impact traditional manufacturing and the supply chain?  Where are the opportunities for innovation, economic growth? 3 minutes
The EU slaps a CRT cartel with a huge fine, we check out BlackBerry 10, SupperKing helps pay for dinner and NASA releases stunning images and more.  7 minutes
See Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario's first official foray into the land of online HD gaming, with the Mushroom Kingdom and the introduction of the MiiVerse. 8 minutes
CSPAN takes a look at the impact of Hurricane/Superstorm "Sandy" on communications in late October and what it revealed about telecommunications systems during emergencies. 40 minutes
Best smartphones to buy this holiday season?  From $49 and up, ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and more, PCMag's Sascha Segan has some great picks for every budget. 9 minutes
Learn about a new way to discover and share video content that is in beta in New York City.  #waywire is co-founded by Newark Mayor Cory Booker and backed by Oprah, Eric Schmidt and more.  3 minutes
Apple's iPhone 5 cleared for sale in China, Microsofts Windows Phone 8 rebooting to be fixed in December, ride along with a Nokia mapping car, play catch and juggle with a robot plus more. 7 minutes
Media producer and publisher Porter Bibb examines how the history of China, from its government to its climate, is shaping the country’s technology and innovation. 4 minutes
CNETTV puts the new Microsoft Surface tablet through a series of crazy torture tests, from cooking an egg on it, to using it as a skateboard. See if it can survive!  Could your tablet? 10 minutes
A TEDtallks steps into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games can help us learn, focus and multitask. 18 minutes
For the undecided, from surprise suggestions to must-have favorites, CNET's Molly Wood and Donald Bell count down the 10 best tech gifts for this holiday season. Was #1 a surprise or not?  20 minutes
Digital lies.  Does the anonymity of the Internet encourage dishonesty or does the searchability and permanence of information online keep us honest?  Explore with an entertaining TEDtalks.  18 minutes
Facebook classifieds ads? Apple to drop three new products – iPhone, iPad, iTV – early next year?  Do the CNET TV editors think the iPhone S5 will launch next year?  4 minutes
The brains behind Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky, leaves Microsoft; Wii U readies for launch; Microsoft acknowledges Surface problems and Chrome helps friends jam and more. 6 minutes
If you are happy with the full-sized iPad 2, why would you want smaller? How is the iPad Mini design, quality and materials?  Screen resolution?  Get the TechnoBuffalo real scoop after some use.  7 minutes
Luke Muehlhauser, Executive Director of the Singularity Institute, takes on skeptics who argue that superhuman artificial intelligence will forever remain beyond the capabilities of technology. 4 minutes
Futurist and keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard discusses the future of media in a world of game changing technologies including ownership vs access, the end of attention monopolies & much more. 50 minutes
Loyd Case from PC World points out the Windows 8 features you should be excited about and why Windows 8 seems to perform better than Windows 7 on the same hardware and more.  9 minutes
Windows Live Messenger is being replaced with Skype, Xbox SmartGlass arrives on Apple devices, and single weekly issues of DC Comics hit digital bookstores. 3 minutes
Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, demonstrates a computer that has been programmed to organize YouTube videos into sets of objects without any direction from the programmers. 3 minutes
More iPad Mini review and first impressions on CNETTV's AppleByte, Apple's management gets a shakeup, Google's Voice Search comes to iOS and more.  7 minutes
Author and futurist Joel Kotkin expresses skepticism on the long-term viability of California's social media startups. "Social media reminds me of the last dot-com boom," says Kotkin. Learn more. 3 minutes
That tablet wars are hotter than ever with Microsoft's Surface stepping into the ring against one of Android's best, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. Who will reign supreme? Find out! 8 minutes
Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8, learn about the Microsoft Surface tablet, Sony slashes sales targets on PlayStation and other products, Caiso’s new Android tablet and more. 6 minutes
Chris Solarski, author of the newly released Drawing Basics and Video Game Art, explores the connections between the classical masters and today's game designers. 3 minutes
The next gen of videos on the Web should be dynamic, full of links, maps and information that can updated live. See a new Web-based tool for easy video remixing that may change your video experience. 4 minutes
Here’s the good and bad about the Apple iPad Mini, but it’s not just about the Mini.  The iMacs and a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display starred, but the iPad 4 put the big hurt on Apple loyalists. 8 minutes
Microsoft introduced its latest operating system Windows 8 at an event last week in New York. It's the first time the OS will run on devices with ARM chips, and 8 is aimed at tablet/mobile users and more. 3 minutes
Surface is just the start of devices from Microsoft, images leak of a 10-inch Google tablet and Smartphone news, rumors of iPad mini shortages and there's a long wait list for the Wii U. 3 minutes
Tweetdeck's new look, Facebook and eBay going Pinterest, smart tips for speaking socially, Tumblr scams, & more. 63 minutes
The best tech from the Paris auto show, the real difference between a Prius Plug-In and a Chevy Volt, and the Top 5 technologies that will save you gas right now. 21 minutes
A head-to-head battle between dominating market leaders includes comparisons of: design and build quality, storage and expandability, internals and performance, OS/software, display, and battery life. 12 minutes
Explore worldwide groundbreaking innovations driven by tech: how businesses, organizations, and individuals alike are using mass collaboration to revolutionize work, creativity, learning and more.  4 minutes
Softbank buys Sprint, Felix Baumgartner jumps from 120,000 feet, a LinkedIn refresh and new features, Google new feature opens the doors to its data centers, hi tech police cars and more. 6 minutes
Bloomberg TV explores WiFi hotspots which sometimes number hundreds within a few city blocks.  With approximately one third of hotspots being unsecured, what are the security issues?  3 minutes
Speaking at an event in New York on October 11th, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warns a future cyber attack on the U.S. could rival the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks of 2001. 4 minutes
Windows 8 is the biggest software launch in the history of Microsoft, but CNETTV offers five top reasons that you many not want to use it, at least not yet.  3 minutes
A Techno Buffalo show shares experiences with Windows 8 - and how it can dramatically change the way we use the PC – plus what gadgets are exciting for the upcoming holiday season and more. 6 minutes
Last Week’s News: Lenovo intros new multimode computers, researchers find creative uses for trackpads, DARPA shows off a new four-legged robot and more. 8 minutes
On CNETTV’s Always on, the iPhone 5 gets tortured, the Tesla S gets unboxed, the Galaxy S3 is thrown in the washing machine and Molly Wood sets sail on Team Korea's America's Cup boat. 31 minutes
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