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2012 SSA Impact Awards Part 9
The Emerging Mega Trend Category includes some previously announced finalists as well as new companies including one that services eight of the major retailers. Who won? 4 minutes

Date :08 October 2012
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Kevin George, Managing Director of Progility Partners and Chairman of the SSA society opens the event with discussion about the society, the industry, event and awards. 8 minutes
Moderator Richard Warner, What’s Up Interactive CEO, discusses the event and awards, then introduces Tino Mantella, TAG CEO & President. See award categories and finalists . 3 minutes
Tino Mantella, CEO & President of TAG, describes the breadth and reach of the association as well as the state of the technology industry in the state including a focus on software. 9 minutes
The keynote, delivered by Barry McCarthy, Group Head and GM, First Data Corporation, presents the latest opportunities and trends within the global payments processing industry. 34 minutes
Moderator Richard Warner opens the event with details of how finalist companies are evaluated then introduces the Technology Solution Provider Category finalists and announces the winner. 4 minutes
The winner announcements continue with the Corporate Internal Software Development Category and finalist companies that span from association to online auctions. Who won? Find out now. 4 minutes
Moderator Richard Warner introduces the Where Georgia Leads Category and each of the industry leading finalist companies and announces the winner. 4 minutes
The event continues with the Independent Software Vendor Category and finalist announcements ranging in applications from anti-cyber attacks to big data analytics. Find out the winner. 4 minutes
The Emerging Mega Trend Category includes some previously announced finalists as well as new companies including one that services eight of the major retailers. Who won? 4 minutes
SSA board member Kevin George talks about how the awards evolved, the software industry in Georgia and the Southeast, recognizes sponsor support and organizing committee efforts. 7 minutes
Moderator Richard Warner introduces the event as a celebration of competition and introduces TAG President Tino Mantella who talks about the TAG organization, its societies and activities. 19 minutes
The keynote of Morris Manning & Martin Partner John Yates covers the history of the Southeastern Software Association (SSA), lessons learned over the years and how to use the lessons. 16 minutes
Keynote speaker John Yates continues about how the early leaders created a software revolution in Georgia featuring interview comments from the leaders, then moves to what is software today. 18 minutes
Moderator Richard Warner explains how award finalists and winners are chosen, then presents the finalists and sward winners for Where Georgia Leads and Technology Solutions categories. 9 minutes
The finalists and the winners are presented for 5 Corporate Internal (IT) Software Development Groups category companies and 12 Independent Software Vendor category companies. 10 minutes
The finalists and winner are presented for the last category, Emerging Mega Trend, an early-stage company with a breakthrough software solution that has potential to 'change the world.' 6 minutes
The Southeastern Software Association (SSA) event begins with panel introductions and a topic overview with Moderator Kevin George, Founder/Managing Partner, Progility Partners. 10 minutes
Panelist Michael Mullineaux, Strategy & Marketing Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks presents on the telecommunications enabled Internet space, mobility plus broadband plus social communications. 11 minutes
Panelist Jim Lester, Vice President, FTRANS, discusses product and technology innovation, especially in finance, with Mike Mullineaux expanding the topic. 11 minutes
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