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Finalists vie for $100,000 cash and services of $200,000 plus in the annual event to help a local technology-based business get started! June 2008. See the related Peoples Choice Contest !
Embeds cryptographic information in digital images, enabling strong mutual authentication between institutions and users. June 2008.
The judges pose questions to CEO Todd Merrill. June 2008
Offers local business owners a way to connect and communicate to their customers instantaneously through a secure, managed Wi-Fi network. June 2008.
The judges pose questions to Founder and CEO David Payne. June 2008
Develops software-only technologies to allow lower cost, highly-secure PIN debit payments on the Internet. June 2008.
The judges pose questions to President and CEO Nandan Sheth. June 2008
Utilizes a proprietary, web based notification/reminder system to save clients money by eliminating contractual penalties. June 2008.
The judges pose questions to President Henry Dan. June 2008
An all star panel discusses the recent financial crunch, the impact on local companies and more. June 2008
The all star panel continues the discussion with how does an entrepreneur raise money and more. June 2008
Who won the finalists' competition for the $100,000 cash prize and services valued at more than $200,000? Find out now! June 2008.
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