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GRA’s Sid Elliot opens the annual event to help a local technology-based business get started where finalists vie for the $100,000 cash and $220,000 services prize! 2 minutes See the related Peoples Choice Contest!
President Mantella introduces TAG and event details before the finalists make their presentation and participate in a Q&A with the judges! 3 minutes
The value proposition: Simple Software. Powerful Visual Computing. 20 minutes
The AccelerEyes team responds to questions from the judges. 20 minutes
The value proposition: A data analytics and decision support system for the music industry. 18 minutes
Executives from Band Metrics respond to questions from the judges. 21 minutes
The value proposition: Faces for visual advertising. 19 minutes
The Talent Soup team answers questions posed by the judges. 20 minutes
Meet the VCs and CEOs, then let the moderator begin the questions to the judges with how has the current economy affected venture capital funding? 19 minutes
The judges panel continues beginning with what are the implications for businesses trying to raise funds and more? 23 minutes
Who won the finalists' competition for the $100,000 cash prize and services valued at $220,000? Find out now! 3 minutes
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