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State CIO Teri Takai discusses California's direction for Information Technology at a California Technology Executive Seminar hosted by TechAmerica and INPUT on September 9, 2010. 4 minutes
Speech highlights of State Chief Technology Officer Adrian Farley outlining California's cloud computing strategy at a California Technology Executive Seminar hosted by TechAmerica and INPUT. 4 minutes
Listen to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn at a press conference for tax credits bill where he discusses Moto, VASCO, TechAmerica and his trip to Nasdaq with TechAmerica starting at 8 minutes. 13 minutes
The TechAmerica Marketing & Sales Roundtable event on Ten Ways to Boost Sales resulted in a “TakeAway” clip with Dale Stein.1 minute
After the Financial Executives Roundtable, Cara Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO, WunderMarxPR/ReMarx , shared her expertise on Social Media B2B in a “TakeAway” clip. 1 minute
Moderator of the event on partnerships in a down economy, Gregg Gallagher, VP, Quantum Leaders and Chair of the Product Innovation Roundtable, shares his event “TakeAway” thoughts. 1 minute
The importance of the Product Innovation Roundtable and the innovation it brings to the community is expressed by the recent event host Ting Hui, CEO of FDB Media . 2 minutes
Leading high-tech executives from the TechAmerica Midwest/Illinois region opened the NASDAQ stock market in New York City in November 2009. 10 minutes
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