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An intro to Venture Atlanta , where Georgia’s top tech innovators meet the country’s top-tier investors is followed by a Q&A tips and lessons learned presentation by 2008 alumni Harris Fogel, Quofore. 11 minutes
As Venture Atlanta opens its call for companies soon, two more alumni -- Bart Foster of SoloHealth and Dan Homrich of Smartsoft Solutions share how they prepared for the VA event & experiences. 24 minutes
The moderator and expert panelists give advice on how to successfully participate in Venture Atlanta and share how they make their choices! Learn more about VA. 27 minutes
The October 12-13 Venture Atlanta event is introduced with an Exclusive Strategy Briefing for 2010 Presenting Companies. 2009 presenter, Gregg Freishtat of Vertical Acuity delivers tips and his pitch. 14  minutes
Jamie Gallo of Rentwiki, then Todd Mannik of Tangelo, share the value of their 2009 Venture Atlanta participation and present their company pitches. 13 minutes
An expert panel discusses from early preparation to final event presentation strategies including important factors when beginning to look for capital, mistakes made when applying and pitching, plus more. 15 minutes
Has the investment market place heated up, what techniques and components work in the current marketplace, why choose one venture firm over the other and more? 12 minutes
The panel continues covering why choose one venture firm over the other, ending the panel discussion with personal insights into matriculating the venture capital world. 8 minutes
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