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Intros: Gabriel Wardell, Executive Director, Atlanta Film Festival 365; Audra Browning, President, Digitainment GA; Melanie Brant, COO, TAG; Candace Byrd, Chief of Staff, Atlanta Mayor's Office. 13 minutes. Sponsored by Avery
Introductions and comments by Steve Mensch, Director of Studio Operations, Turner Studios; and Rob Harty, Director, Writer, Producer, Rainforest Studios which calls Atlanta home for 9 films. 9 minutes. Sponsored by Avery
Rob Harty continues with an intro to keynote speaker Georgia State Senator Mitch Seabaugh who delivers an entertaining overview of his successful efforts to draw the film industry to Georgia. 14 minutes. Sponsored by Avery
Industry executive comments and a panel discuss Georgia as a national leader in the digital (film and broadcasting, digital marketing, music and video games -- digitainment) entertainment industry. 18 minutes. Sponsored by Avery
The panel continues to discuss the Digitainment White Paper and industry aspects such Georgia's strengths, growth, tax incentives, co-operation, awareness, branding, talent and technologies. 15 minutes. Sponsored by Avery
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