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Introductions by GTS Chair Todd Bell and CEO of Pyramid Consulting Sanjeev Tirath are followed by Author & Futurist Tom Koulopoulos opening his keynote with the most important people in the world. 9 minutes
The keynote continues with building core competencies and the future, plus how well we connect with each other defines how well we create the future and innovate. 14 minutes
Testing technology innovation by answering the question, does it help take advantage of the "uncertainty principle," and more. 14 minutes
The importance of disruption for the uncertainty principle and examples of measuring innovation by the impact on behavior. 13 minutes
Innovation is not a solo flight anymore. Innovation is all about collaboration and more. 9 minutes
A Question and Answer session begins with encouragement for mentoring, then to whether understanding the learning process accelerates innovation, and more. 16 minutes
Ellis Communications CEO Bert Ellis is introduced by TAG Board Member and Jabian Co-founder Nigel Zelcer, then Ellis makes an entrance in one of his investment projects, the Wheego electric car! 9 minutes
Explore the role of innovation and investors for companies, along with some war stories. 9 minutes
Learn about some new companies that are taking advantage of technology trends, incubating talent in Georgia and more. 9 minutes
The CISCO Senior Vice-President, Office of the Chairman and CEO, starts a lively discussion for his goal: turn everyone into a “nowist,” and look @ the world a little differently, take action, have fun! 9 minutes
The discussion continues with interesting examples to reinforce the need today of being a lifelong learner, not avoiding technology but adopting a culture of accepting change and rewarding it! 10 minutes
How technology devices will change our behavior and interaction with information, as well as business models, with the greatest transformation using the most powerful application of them all. 16 minutes
The keynote concludes with the truth about social media, who uses it and its impact, the power of mobility now and in the future to connect the world, and more.16  minutes
The full 2010 GTS VOD coverage begins with CISCO Senior VP Carlos Dominguez smash hit keynote animation intro.  Check back soon for exclusive TAG TV full length presentations of the entire 2010 Summit.  4 minutes
Introduction by Pyramid Consulting CEO Sanjeev Tirath, background of the Technology Hall of Fame (HOF) by Nathan Briesemeister of PWC and introduction of Ben Dyer, 1998 HOF Inductee to introduce the 2009 Inductee. 9 minutes
How, from childhood achievements, Ken Byers was inspired to found and grow Byers Engineering Company to offer technical expertise and software services to utilities worldwide. 10 minutes
Ken Byers of Byers Engineering Company proudly accepts membership into the Technology Hall of Fame of Georgia. 13 minutes
AirSage covers 85 percent of the U.S. population and is the worlds largest aggregator of cellular signaling data. 4 minutes
Cardlytics' patent pending banking rewards solution allows merchants to target customers based on what they actually purchase. 5 minutes
Clearleap is a revolutionary TV technology platform that leverages the power and flexibility of the internet to provide content acquisition, management and advertising solutions for the television industry. 3 minutes
FixexFive has a culture that emphasizes lasting impact of analytics solution to its customers via consulting services and a building suite of analytics software. 3 minutes
Healthcare Solutions technology-based solutions help gain control of medical expenditures in the workers compensation and auto casualty markets. 4 minutes
Hi-Rez Studios, the largest independent video game development studio in Georgia, creates exceptional online interactive entertainment as a service. 4 minutes
IDology provides real-time identity proofing and age verification solutions to those conducting business in consumer-not-present environment such as on the Internet or in a call center. 3 minutes
MedShape Solutions is dedicated to restoring human motion by innovating unique shape memory orthopedic devices. 4 minutes
Music Intelligence Solutions is a global corporation using patent-approved technology to enhance the consumer experience with digital content. 3 minutes
Wavee is a secured, live, and exciting auction website that offers an ever-changing mix of tech gadgets and electronics at huge discounts, along with proprietary buyer features such as Bid Bot. 3 minutes
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