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Chris Devaney, Cloudera Senior Account Executive promotes the use of Hadoop+ and its eco-system of products to solve big data issues. Open full PowerPoint. See event overview. 17 minutes
David "Sunny" Sundstrom, SGI Director, Software Product Marketing and Management explains more about Hadoop in an end to end solution. Open full PowerPoint . See event overview. 31  minutes
A Q&A session with the Hadoop experts covers industries that benefit from using Hadoop and why, the solution’s capabilities, add on value and more. See event overview. 21 minutes
Panel intros are followed by discussion: the challenges, pitfalls, successes of digital technologies, then on to distribution models and more. See Overview & Panel . 30 minutes
Mobile entertainment and the challenge of data plans, the role of CDNs and help for growing digital business and creating content in the state.  24 minutes
About the entertainment investment community and programs, the role of SCAD and other schools, the future of music and more. 22 minutes


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