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When offered as the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), thousands worked independently to build their computer as well as organized classes tapping into self-motivation to learn.  16 minutes
If your PC doesn't have a Webcam built in or you just want a little more flexibility, here's how to use the camera(s) in an Android phone or tablet instead. 3 minutes
Shawn Henry, president of CrowdStrike Services and a retired executive assistant director of the FBI, discusses who are the world's worst cyber terrorists – the 15 year old hacker, digital jihadists or…? 3 minutes
CNETTV News Update: Sony's Xperia TL featured in "Skyfall" is one of the new AT&T phones, Microsoft sets the date for Windows Phone 8, and 3M introduces the Streaming Projector with Roku & more.  3 minutes
Among iPad Mini rumors, Apple might have an update to the iPad - transforming to widescreen; more about the infamous HTC phablet, the One X5, apparently joining Google's Nexus line & more. 5 minutes
Tekzilla’s Veronica has been using the new iPhone 5 for 1 ½ weeks.  Is 4G worth the upgrade, the problems with the bigger screen, do the new iPhone's noise cancelling microphones really work & more! 6 minutes
In a rousing TEDtalks, writer Clay Shirky shows how democracies can take a lesson from the Internet, to be not just transparent but also to draw on the knowledge of all their citizens. 18 minutes
Citing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, journalist Michael S. Malone and Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard discuss why some of the best innovators come in pairs. Agree or not?  3 minutes
Last week’s news included: 4K TVs prepare for sale, Barnes & Noble updates its Nook, driverless cars hit the road, cars that detect natural gas leaks, Spy Tanks and more.  7 minutes
Look at a stash of new tablets from Shenzhen that start at less than $50! What do you give up or not vs. a $150 to $200 Amazon tablet, what about Android Ice Cream Sandwich and where can you buy one?  9 minutes
Matt MacLaurin, Senior Design Director of eBay, predicts that the term "gamification" will slowly go away.  Learn why and how.  3 minutes
The new co-CEO of software giant SAP shares secrets of recent successes, including reinvention with new products, innovation in mobility, cloud computing, databases, business analytics & much more.  73 minutes
Senior Editor Scott Stein takes a tour of the iPhone 5.  Was iOS6 a major overhaul?  What is improved and what is not?  Will the iPhone 5 convert Android users?  6 minutes
Apple's iPhone 5 launches in a number of countries, the best competing Androids, Sony intros a thinner PlayStation PS3 available in October, go for a ride in a space shuttle...simulator and more. 7 minutes
With almost 2 million views, this videos shows Steam's new Big Picture mode that lets gamers access all of their favorite Steam games on a TV with a traditional game controller, keyboard and mouse. 2 minutes
CNETTV’s series “Rumor Has It:” How much will the Wii U cost? Will Spotify live in the cloud? Who wants an HTC tablet? How about two?  And, more.  5 minutes
Data mining innovator Shyam Sankar explains why solving big problems (like identifying terrorists or huge hidden trends) is finding the shared relationship between computation and human creativity. 12 minutes
There weren’t too many iPhone 5 surprises, but your wallet won't be happy about the new Lightning connector. Plus, reports on iOS 6, new iPods, a new iTunes, and plenty of Bad Apples!  7 minutes
World Tech News reports on Apple's iPhone 5 (of course), Mark Zuckerberg comments on Facebook's disappointing IPO, plus more news on Intel's new Haswell chip and an electric racecar. 6 minutes
Sharp's IGZO could be one of the next big advances in LCD technology.  Shown last week at the IFA Expo in Berlin, it uses a new semiconductor that brings several advantages over today's LCD panels. 2 minutes
PC World senior editor Loyd Case joins Tekzilla: with tons of Ultrabooks, what’s the rundown for the features of 2012's new machines, and are they better than the Macbook Air? Find out. 11 minutes
Take a “First Look” with CNETTV: with a bigger and sharper 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED screen, 8MP camera, and Verizon 4G LTE access, the Motorola Droid Razr HD is one stunning Android. 2 minutes
Take a “Hands On” look at the impressive Nokia Lumia 920, a flagship Windows Phone 8 device for the Finnish company, introduced last week during a Nokia event in New York City.  5 minutes
Last week’s tech news includes Amazon's announcements for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD, plus continued coverage from IFA in Berlin with a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note II and more. 8 minutes
Food for thought: Author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe discusses how the speed of advancing technology makes us feel that we are living in a science fiction universe. 2 minutes
With computers everywhere, even our bodies (ex: pacemakers), who governs digital trust?  Watch a discussion on computing and Human Rights vs Property Rights, Owners vs mere Users and more. 70 minutes
The MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display is in production, more iPhone rumors/news, iPad Mini gets its own event, HTC stands up to Apple and more. 7 minutes
News from the Berlin IFA consumer electronics show: Samsung's latest products including the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera, new tablets from Lenovo and Dell, 4K TVs and more. 7 minutes
Mozilla's "Collusion" extension is a great way to see which web sites are tracking you and how different ad companies watch you across multiple sites. See your tangled web of stalking today. 2 minutes
According to CNETTV, what are the top five phones to avoid for 2012 -- starting with the Sony Xperia on AT&T and getting worse from there?  3 minutes
What were the biggest tech rumors last week? Has Apple been working on a set top cable box for years now and in talks with cable companies? And Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 device leaks ... maybe. 6 minutes
A federal jury ruled that Samsung violated multiple Apple patents. CNET's Sumi Das tells you what to expect when shopping for your next smartphone. 2 minutes
An expert panel including Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak discusses the future of voice driven technologies changing how we interact with devices and services across nearly every industry.  88 minutes
An Oracle systems engineer talks about "Alice", a Java game design platform designed for young people that has a special focus on encouraging girls to become involved in programming and engineering. 2 minutes
New evidence points to a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina potentially coming soon, new next-gen iPhone parts are revealed, and more about iphone port, ports, and iphone 5.  7 minutes
Learn how Apple and Amazon are changing their policies because of a recent high profile hack that wiped out an entire digital identity.  Learn ways identities are stolen, auditing your identity and more. 9 minutes
A survey of 40,000 CNET readers reveals the top five must-have iPhone 5 features people want – was wireless charging one?  3 minutes
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange granted asylum, a new Samsung tablet, the Tesla Model S electric car and tech, Curiousity rover news, the future of the mesh worm robot and more.  7 minutes
A Silicon Valley California department store has installed a body scanner based on Xbox Kinect to help customers find a good fitting pair of jeans.  See how it works.  3 minutes
The iPhone prototype is measured and it's a whole lot thinner; a solar-powered Smart Cover might be in the works, iOS 6 news including no You Tube! And more.  7 minutes
Head of Marketing Janet Aronica discusses social media Pinterest's new open membership, growth plan and competition, plus compares it to Twitter, Facebook and more on Bloomberg West. 4 minutes
According to a soon-to-be-published McKinsey Global Institute report, the value creation potential of social technologies is largely untapped­with eye-popping possible gains. What will it take to get there? 92 minutes
Summer is not the time to release new products and new tech is expected by holiday time.  What hot new tech is just on the horizon?  See what tech might be worth waiting for this year.  3 minutes
"Prototype This" hosts Joe Grand and Zoz Brooks detail the process of building a computer driven simulator that mimics a never-ending water slide, the biggest project they built on their show. 4 minutes
From NASA’s Propulsion Lab, a press conference panel explains Curiosity’s first day on Mars, including the first color picture beamed back to Earth plus what will happen in the coming weeks.  57 minutes
Google's Nexus 7 is the hottest tablet right now, but CNET says it's not perfect. Here are the top five reasons you should pass on the nexus 7. 3 minutes
A prominent China journalist has blogged for 12 years, despite the government control over the Internet, and says that millions of bloggers are shifting the balance of power in unexpected ways. 19 minutes
A patent battle between Apple and Samsung continues, Apple is sued by a Taiwan university for patent infringement, Apple vs Google voice recognition functions, a modular data center saves power and more. 6 minutes
Magician Justin Willman entertains using technology and magic.  He answers his cell phone from a torn up newspaper which is whole again in a second, his phone app finds the right card and more!  6 minutes
The past, present and future of connectivity is explored with execs from Wired UK, Flickr and Soundcloud as a Networked Society embraces borderless opportunities, new business models & more. 20 minutes
Find out how to connect USB devices, like flash drives and keyboards, to an increasing number of Android phones for about $2. 3 minutes
Disruptive technologies such as mobility, social media, and cloud are taking IT from a support function to transforming business. Find out what Walmart, PG&E, Google, and Juniper CIOs see for the future. 90 minutes
Apple's Mountain Lion, the Galaxy S III passes 10 million, Toshiba's R&D division opens up its doors, Google TV devices and more. 6 minutes
Reuter’s Tech Tonic looks at an immersive technology of a complete 180-degree video view by turning the iPad. The tech is starting with the iPad because of the built-in gyroscope but plans are much bigger. 3 minutes
Details on the iPhone5 that will be released in the fall are emerging.  Jefferies Managing Director Peter Misek discusses the coming iPhone 5 – is it wider, thinner? – plus market trends and competitors. 5 minutes
CNETTV has a First Look at last week’s newly announced Microsoft Office software which reinvents the way you interact with Office and its a touch-screen interface.  What’s news?  3 minutes
In a TEDtalks, a fascinating demonstration of Aurasma, a new augmented reality tool that can seamlessly animate the world as seen through a smartphone, makes a painting talk and more!  8 minutes
Last week’s tech news: Yahoo steals Google's Marissa Mayer to become CEO, Microsoft's Ballmer pitches Office 2013, Samsung's Galaxy S III arrives in the US and the ISS gets more crowded. 7 minutes
Big Data is the next big thing in computing. Learn about Big Data characteristics, technologies and opportunities. 8 minutes
Marissa Mayer, vice president of location and local services at Google, discusses the search leader's transition into the hardware marketplace with acquisition of Motorla Mobility and more.  2 minutes

Forbes contributor Michael Humphrey takes a look at the popular Nike commercial resembling Donkey Kong and gives insights into the changing world of advertising and relationships due to technology.  3 minutes

This week on CNNETTV: the flagship Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, is put through torture tests, a look at the new Asus tablet, fun with NFC tags and more! 23 minutes

Learn about the Windows 8 release announcement, the UK court ruling into the case against Samsung and a study that says Americans are less likely to buy PCs, prefering tablets and smartphones. 5 minutes

Shimi, a smartphone enabled musical companion developed by Tech's Center for Music Technology, recommends songs, dances to the beat and keeps the music pumping based on listener feedback. 1 minute
TV did not kill radio.  TV and radio did not kill newspapers.  But, will digital kill print in general?  Experts discuss whether print media will survive in 10 years and how or not. Will curated content really be king? 4 minutes
Futurist Don Tapscott discusses how technologies have transformed the world into one that is far more open and transparent, listing four core principles for using this open world to make a far better place. 18 minutes
CNETTTV unboxes the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q in the wake of the Google I//O announcements, plus unleashes the Chromebook on an unsuspecting focus group and predicts Future Tech.  20 minutes
News: Google antitrust woes, Toshiba fined in San Francisco court, then on to summer gadgets: Brookstone's Grill Alert, a wristwatch that helps you avoid sunburns and the Ion Air Pro waterproof. 5 minutes
TGIF: At Gamification Summit 2012 in San Francisco, CA, Teens in Tech Labs CEO Daniel Brusilovsky declares that traditional consoles are dead for the next generation.  You probably know why.  3 minutes
Forbes Contributor George Anders discusses LinkedIn successes, what sets it apart from Facebook, and how it's disrupted the human resources industry. What is the benefit to you? 3 minutes
In a TEDtalks, Arduino is introduced as a simple open-source microcontroller that's inspired thousands to make the coolest things they can imagine – will it inspire the third industrial revolution? 16 minutes
Google’s augmented reality glasses were revealed at Google I/O last week. The Google Glass Explorer Edition will be available via pre-order for conference attendees, cost $1,500, and ship in early 2013. 3 minutes
Google introduces its Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q media streamer, Microsoft's antitrust fine is cut, WiFi is coming to international air routes, the OLPC XO-3 tablet hits delays and more. 7 minutes
CNETTV’s Rumor Land wonders about the new Xbox in 2013(?), new Kindle Fires, whether Samsung might drop the Android OS, and they don't mention the iPhone 5 once. Kidding! 5 minutes
Top venture capital execs gathered at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley – where 40% of U.S. investment lands – to discuss 2012 trends.  Will it continue in software development, biotech, or…?  80 minutes
Stanford profs taught a class on AI attended by 175 local students -- and over 100,000 people online. What was learned about teaching a global audience that transfers to online business activities? 6 minutes
Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer delivers the keynote at the conference last week announcing the new Surface tablet.  Offered on multiple YouTube channels, it has more than 1 million views.  What’s it all about? 47 minutes
Microsoft to take on Apple with its tablet, Surface, HP vs. Oracle, Japan's Badai augmented reality card based game, Panasonics Elgua line of phones and tablets using RFID. 1 minutes
Researchers at Cornell University have been cooking up a new appliance for the home -- a 3-D food printer – and experimenting with all kinds of goo, including cheese, cookie dough and liquid turkey.  3 minutes
A press event with Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps, includes sneak-peek demos and a behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps.  See inspiring uses and cool new features for Google Maps.  52 minutes
The Japanese manufacturer, Panasonic, showed the latest handsets from its Eluga line in central Tokyo, demonstrating how it works with ovens, tvs and rice cookers along with other features.  2 minutes
Futurist and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard, at the NextGreatApp event in Moscow, discusses the future of apps, commerce, clouds, mobile and social as well as interconnectivity.  What’s next? 30 minutes
CNETTV takes a first look at Apple's first-ever Retina Display MacBook Pro which offers unparalleled screen resolution and an all-new, slimmer design -- but at a very high price. 4 minutes
Chris Anderson, author and editor in chief of WIRED magazine, details cheap open source technologies that turns any vehicle into an autopilot drone as a result of http://diydrones.com/.  3 minutes
At one the Churchill Club's most anticipated events of the year, the 14th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends rate and debate, Bruce Upbin and Eric Savitz of Forbes briefly remark about future tech trends.  2 minutes 
Marc Whitten, Corporate VP of Xbox Live, demos Microsoft's new "SmartGlass" technology at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, showing how SmartGlass converts tablets and smartphones to the cause! 4 minutes
At WWDC 2012 yesterday, Apple's Phil Schiller previews the new MacBook with Intel's Ivy Bridge processor, up to a 2GHz dual-core i7 processor, a 512GB solid-state drive and more exciting features! 4 minutes
News from both E3 and Computex: at E3 in LA, the trend is multi-screen gaming strategies from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and at Computex in Taipei, the trend is “convertible devices’ and more. 7 minutes
TGIF: Tech USA Today talks with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons in a Google Hangout about new music, his iPhone playlist and making movies with his iPhone for display on the tour and more. 3 minutes
A panel of experts discuss the promising innovations in education and ramifications such as: Is gaming effective? What are opportunities for entrepreneurs?  Are there trends for corporate training?  90 minutes
At the Wiggin Digital Entertainment Summit in London, April 2012, futurist Gerd Leonhard explores the future of media and content, including social-local-mobile, piracy, video monetization & more. 31 minutes
Leaked photos of the purported next iPhone match up with leaked blueprints… Apple TV's OS is looking to get a makeover at WWDC, and there are a few hints about Apple's future. 5 minutes
Wikileak’s Assange loses appeal, MIT tackles big data, Softbank intros a phone with a unique feature and Lifesquare hopes to save lives. 7 minutes
Samsung finally dials in the right formula for a great alternative to Apple's iPod Touch that includes a vibrant 4.2-inch screen, memory expansion, FM radio, and full support for Android 2.3.6! 2 minutes
Tucker Hiatt, visiting scholar in the Stanford chemistry department, discusses the possible connection between cell phone usage and cancer. 3 minutes
Two celebrated thought leaders discuss whether innovation will continue at the same frenetic rate as the last few decades or divert in unproductive directions, citing why and how in their opinions.   58 minutes
Facebook introduced its own mobile photo app called Camera, HP to cut 27,000 employees as part of its restructuring plan, Rosemary the robot goes to work soon, IBM bans Siri -- all because of Apple.  1 minute
USA Today explores Purina’s cat apps -- Friskies video games for cats on the iPad and Android. There have been ½ million downloads for the iPad alone.  Will they be going to the dogs next?  3 minutes
Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt discusses treats to the government, why business breaches such as for credit cards are important to him, the administration’s reaction to cyber bills in Congress. 29 minutes
Global Digital Strategies Director Renny Gleeson shows, while running through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages, that every error is really a chance to build a better relationship. 4 minutes
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