TAG Health Society Event

Vision 2020 Overview:

“Georgia leads the country in economic growth through innovation in health Technology"

Can you imagine this headline in 2020? We’ll be living in a world where health technology is ubiquitous; almost all hospitals and physicians are paperless and e-prescribing, and patients are using cell phones to schedule doctor appointments and access personal health apps.

Through its globally recognized network of health service providers, education, corporate and government leaders, Georgia is in a position to establish itself as a center of excellence for leadership and innovation in Health IT. However, several key challenges must be addressed before this can be accomplished.

The “Vision 2020” event brings together executive leadership from across the nation to discuss these challenges—and provide practical ideas and timelines for addressing the needs to make the vision a reality. Emphasis is placed on accessibility, cost, quality, and requirements to train and develop a skilled workforce that can provide not only implementation, but ongoing system use and support.

Join TAG Health community, as we identify the needs and establish the vision for Georgia to secure its position of leadership and innovation in Health IT.  The event was held Tuesday, November 10th, from 7:30am – 12:00 noon at the Woodruff Arts Center Rich Theatre.