Excalibur Awards 2011

The 7th Annual TAG Excalibur Awards, hosted in collaboration with our Business & Technology Alliance society recognize the companies and organizations throughout Georgia that demonstrate the best use of technology to solve a business problem. These companies and organizations do not produce technology, but they rely on it and are using it creatively to excel.
Criteria for entry include:

(1) Complexity of the Problem
How the business problem was resolved or business enhancement achieved through the innovative use of technology. In particular evaluate the complexity of the situation.
(2) Creativity of the Solution
How the technology is being used to conduct business differently? Did it change any fundamental business principles or philosophies? Did it have an impact on the company’s culture?
(3) Return on Investment (ROI)/Business Results
Were savings or increased productivity realized in cost, time, people, capacity, production volume and other areas?

The Excalibur awards distinguish the people, departments and companies, large and small, who are the recipients of such technologies. The Excalibur award competition affords technology companies, consultants, Chambers of Commerce and other institutions an excellent opportunity to nominate the companies that understand the importance of technology, make the investment, and reap the rewards.